Cruising Chute

A cruising chute is primarily the same as a gennaker or asymmetric spinnaker. However, cruising chutes tend to be a little easier to handle than a racing asymmetric sail and in many cases they are more modest in size and are cut a little more conservatively. Ideal for the short-handed or family sailor, we make sure that we build you a long-lasting addition to your sail wardrobe.


  • Design features we incorporate into all of our cruising chutes include:
  • Computer designed utilising the latest software.
  • Radial cut to reduce stretch by laying the major thread lines along the heaviest load lines.
  • Laser cutting of cloth to ensure accuracy of cutting and precision of joints.
  • Layered reinforcing at the head, tack and clew areas.
  • Hydraulically pressed stainless steel rings at the head, tack and clew.
  • Glued seams, shaped and sewn with UV thread.
  • Webbing fitted at the head, tack and clew.
  • Hand finishing throughout.