The headsail has a more demanding life than any other sail, so we design in extra strength and durability to ensure that its shape is maintained throughout its life. Each sail is designed, shaped, cut and assembled to deliver exceptional performance and a long life, with special attention being paid to the seams and reinforcing the areas of stress and point loading.

We design and produce hanked foresails, furling headsails, cross cut and bi radial sails that include the following features, depending on the sail:


  • Computer designed utilising the latest software.
  • Cross cut or radial cut to reduce stretch by laying the major thread lines along the heaviest load lines.
  • Laser cutting of cloth to ensure accuracy of cutting and precision of joints.
  • Layered reinforcing at the head, tack and clew areas.
  • Hydraulically pressed stainless steel rings at the head, tack and clew.
  • Brass piston hanks with reinforced attachment points and chafing protectors.
  • Glued seams, shaped and sewn with UV thread.
  • Leather sheathing around the clew.
  • Leech line and cleat fitted as standard.
  • Heavy webbing fitted at the head and tack.
  • Mono-filament polypropylene luff rope is fitted to suit the particular furling gear specification.
  • UV protective cover fitted to the leech and foot of furling headsails.
  • Foam luff insert can be fitted if required to give better shape when partially furled.
  • Hand finishing throughout.