The mainsail is used more than any other sail on a boat, so its design, material and componentry choice and construction methods are critical to delivering a long-lasting, high performing product.


  • Design features we incorporate into all of our mainsails include:
  • Computer designed utilising the latest software.
  • Cross cut or radial cut to reduce stretch by laying the major thread lines along the heaviest load lines.
  • Laser cutting of cloth to ensure accuracy of cutting and precision of joints.
  • Layered reinforcing at the head, tack and clew areas.
  • Double taped luff for strength and ease of handling.
  • Pre-stretched terylene rope in foot.
  • Fibreglass battens in pockets sewn onto patches rather than directly onto the sail.
  • Reefing points incorporating anti-stretch tape and layered reinforcing at both luff and leech to minimise distortion across the sail.
  • Seams shaped and sewn with U.V. thread.
  • Leech line with cleats.
  • Sail insignia as standard.
  • Hand finishing throughout.