Many spinnakers and cruising chutes are fitted with a ‘snuffer’ which is a large lightweight nylon sock which is retracted with a dedicated line once the sail has been hoisted. This allows you to fill the sail in a controlled manner. When you want to drop the sail you simply turn onto a deep broad reach, ease off the sail’s working sheet, then pull the snuffer down and over the sail, thus depowering it and collecting it ready for stowing.

  • Design features we incorporate into all of our snuffers include:
  • Computer designed utilising the latest software.
  • Laser cutting of cloth to ensure accuracy of cutting and precision of joints.
  • Layered reinforcing at the areas of high load.
  • Hydraulically pressed stainless steel rings at the head and tack.
  • Glued seams, shaped and sewn with UV thread.
  • Webbing fitted at the head and tack.
  • Hand finishing throughout.