Whether you are planning a voyage in heavy weather or just find yourself caught out by changing weather patterns, what is required for a heavy weather sailing is a specific sail cut quite flat from much heavier cloth and robustly stitched to see you safely back to port. Often honked on rather than relying on a boltrope in a sleeve, as well as designing and making you a robust storm sail, we can advise and fit the appropriate deck ware to set this sail safely.

Our stormsails include the following features:

  • Computer designed utilising the latest software.
  • Cross cut to reduce stretch by laying the major thread lines along the heaviest load lines.
  • Laser cutting of cloth to ensure accuracy of cutting and precision of joints.
  • Extra-heavy layered reinforcing at the head, tack and clew areas.
  • Pre-stretched rope is fitted all the way round the luff, leech and foot.
  • All seams are glued, triple stitched and sewn in U.V. thread.
  • Leather sheathing around the head, tack and clew.
  • Hydraulically pressed stainless steel rings at the head, tack and clew.
  • Brass piston hanks with reinforced attachment points and chafing protectors.
  • Extra-heavy webbing fitted at the head and tack.
  • Highly visible dayglo orange cloth is available as an option.
  • Hand finishing throughout.